Electronic Shelf Labels

Scalable electronic shelf label solution

Pricer: Label Solution

iPro is a Pricer business partner, offering their reliable and scalable electronic shelf label solution.

Within a store environment, manual price labelling is time consuming and resource intensive, requiring many manual steps and is therefore prone to errors. Running promotions is another consideration that makes this whole process the more complex.

In a Pricer store, you do not need to worry about this as all is taken care of automatically through technology.

Reduce Labelling Hours

With Pricer electronic shelf labels, all prices are updated digitally and automatically, ensuring that the price displayed on the shelf is always the same as the price at the POS.

Simplify Promotions and Price Changes

Many retailers do a number of larger changes throughout a year, requiring extra staffing. Sometimes, such prices changes in the form of promotions are limited in time and often advertised inside and outside the store. Failure to price these correctly can negatively affect stock levels and sales, as well as cause shopper irritation.

Increase Picking Speed

Picking goods is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of managing online orders for grocery shopping. Each order often contains many items and it is important that the right item ends up in the right bag in order to be delivered to the right customer.

By using modern digital systems for in-store picking, it is possible to improve, secure and speed up the process significantly.

Reduce Manual Errors

With Pricer ESL, there’s no need to worry about mislabeled products or forgetting to change the promotion labels. It’s all controlled digitally and much easier to spot mistakes.

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