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We are a dedicated team of software specialists with varied and solid technical skills, that can handle any project size and complexity.

Our Retail Partners

Regions We Actively Serve


iPro maintains a strong client base within Malta, serving as a tech partner for some of the largest retailers in the country. Beyond the retail sector, iPro also have some leading customers within their respective industries that utilize iPro’s development and outsourcing services.

North Africa

iPro oversees its North African business through it’s head office in Malta, with personnel visiting Libya regularly. We have carried out various retail IT projects in Libya, as well as provided our software development services.


We have some prestigious retail brands operating within the Scandinavian market making use of our software and development services and have the reach and capability to provide coverage within Scandinavia with personnel on the ground, located in Stockholm Sweden, that you could also consult with.


We have been present within the Balkans for over 10 years, having an office in Belgrade, Serbia. iPro is able to provide software services within the Balkans.

Other Regions

Although not having personnel on the ground, iPro is able to carry out remote software development and outsourcing services for clients located across the globe. Over the years we have been trusted with projects all across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA.

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